Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A 50% deposit is required to reserve one of our vacation rentals. You may choose to deposit the balance at any time before arrival or in cash US $ at check in. In the event that you pay in Euros or Peso we use the rates of the day for dollars at http://www.xe.com/ Reservations will be held for 48 hours pending payment.  The balance on holiday rentals is due one month before the rental starts.

Cancelation Policy & Security Deposit

Renters may cancel the rental agreement with 90 days prior written notification and receive a 90% refund. Should renters cancel within 89 to 60 days of the rental period 50% of the rental fee shall be refunded. Should renters cancel within 59 to 30 days of the rental than there will be no refund. Any forfeited deposit may be applied to a future rental within one year of the cancellation.

In addition to the rental fee renters shall deposit with managers a security deposit in the amount of $500 to $1500 in advance of arrival or in cash. This deposit is for the purpose reimbursing the owners for any damage that renters may cause to the property or to its contents during their rental of the property. The security deposit shall be returned to the renters at the end of the rental in kind.

Utilities & Water

The cost of electricity in Mexico is on a sliding scale. The more you consume the more you pay. If you are staying in a house with Air Conditioners we ask that you do not leave them on when you are not on the property. We also ask that you not leave them on with the windows open. If you think that you will be using more than 6 hours or AC per day then we ask that you pay $25 per day per AC and this will almost cover the cost of electricity for transforming our tropical paradise into an Arctic ice palace.

You will be provided drinking water throughout your stay and we provide carafes for the bedside or bathrooms. The water in the pools is chemically treated and safe. The main problem in this climate is giardia and you might consider buying the pills in the pharmacy and taking them while here just in case. But 99% of the restaurants will provide you with bottle water and ice made from filtered water.

Meals & Cooking

There are no meals provided in the rental. Our blog recommends restaurants and markets within a short walk from each property.
All of our houses are provisioned with fully equipped kitchens. Please feel free to cook for yourselves. Most of the counter tops are polished cement and no citrus should be cut or dripped on these surfaces. Please use cutting boards and wipe them after cooking. We are in the tropics and any food left out over night will attract ants from the garden or perhaps worse from a neighboring property.

Staff & Cleaning

The house will be cleaned twice weekly during the rental period. The garden is cleaned every other day. Any further services must be arranged in advance. The cost of daily maid service is $20 usd or $40 usd on Sundays and Holidays as available. Otherwise we are responsible for the staffs salaries. Or course you may leave a gratuity but it is not expected.

The gardener will clean & check the water in the pool every other day. The pool service will come once a week to vacumn and scrub the pool. This will be around 8-10 a.m. The day will depend on the house you are in.

We use the professional Laundry service on Calle 55 x 64 & 66 which we find reliable. But I would never give anything I seriously value to any laundry in town.

The properties are all cleaned weekly year round when there are no guests. We closely monitor the facilities and utilities as well as the pests. This is not always the case with other vacation rentals where the owners are not present.

Terms of Responsiblity

Urbano Rentals or the Owners are not responsible, and will assume no fault or cost associated with:

I. Any complaint, damage, expenditure or any other financial loss, either related to a person or property that has been the result of a wound, accident, death, delay, alteration of dates or inconvenience, by any cause, including problems related to delays or cancellation of airlines, or due to inclement weather.

II. The well being of any children or any adults who stay or visit at the rental property with respect to any accident or other occurrence that may happen to them. Parents and guardians of said children are solely responsible for their safety and wellbeing.