Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Utilities & Water

The cost of electricity in Mexico is on a sliding scale. The more you consume the more you pay. If you are staying in a house with Air Conditioners we ask that you do not leave them on when you are not on the property. We also ask that you not leave them on with the windows open. If you think that you will be using more than 6 hours or AC per day then we ask that you pay $25 per day per AC and this will almost cover the cost of electricity for transforming our tropical paradise into an Arctic ice palace.

You will be provided drinking water throughout your stay and we provide carafes for the bedside or bathrooms. The water in the pools is chemically treated and safe. The main problem in this climate is giardia and you might consider buying the pills in the pharmacy and taking them while here just in case. But 99% of the restaurants will provide you with bottle water and ice made from filtered water.

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