Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Staff & Cleaning

The house will be cleaned twice weekly during the rental period. The garden is cleaned every other day. Any further services must be arranged in advance. The cost of daily maid service is $20 usd or $40 usd on Sundays and Holidays as available. Otherwise we are responsible for the staffs salaries. Or course you may leave a gratuity but it is not expected.

The gardener will clean & check the water in the pool every other day. The pool service will come once a week to vacumn and scrub the pool. This will be around 8-10 a.m. The day will depend on the house you are in.

We use the professional Laundry service on Calle 55 x 64 & 66 which we find reliable. But I would never give anything I seriously value to any laundry in town.

The properties are all cleaned weekly year round when there are no guests. We closely monitor the facilities and utilities as well as the pests. This is not always the case with other vacation rentals where the owners are not present.

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